What Year Did Cagney’s Open?

Three million happy customers ago…Cagney’s opened its brass doors May of 1976. Same year a peanut farmer took the presidency. Land was acquired in `68. Took 8 years to find a friendly banker.

Is Cagney’s a Chain or Locally Owned?

Lovingly and locally owned by two lifelong friends who both grew up in the restaurant business back in the days when Myrtle Beach was a one-jukebox town garnished with a couple seafood joints, one hotel, mostly mom and pop guest houses, one putt-putt and an alligator-rasslin place. Back then the beach was a 3-month season, Memorial Day to Labor Day, then fire a shotgun both ways down the boulevard…and incur no injuries.

Is it True that Both Owners are Named Dino?

Strange…but true. Both dedicated to putting a touch of pizazz into your dining experience. Look around, you’ll usually find one Dino moving around the dining rooms and kitchen.

Where Did They Get the Name "Cagney’s"?

Cagney’s is not associated with James Cagney or any other famous person except for the two local owners who coveted a classy name which jived with the architectural antiques and memorabilia they incorporated throughout this fascinating restaurant.

Speaking of Incredible Architecture…
Who Designed Cagney’s and Collected all the Artifacts?

Another good question. The fretwork, doorways, antiques and fascinating woodwork were carefully purchased, pilfered or salvaged over the years from estate auctions, antique dealers and demolitions of famous landmarks like The Ocean Forest Hotel (Myrtle Beach’s most outstanding landmark). The two Dinos take full blame and credit for the design and decor. It was their idea to incorporate every style of architecture into the restaurant. Both owners grew up in Myrtle Beach which explains their eclectic taste.

Do They Also Own and Operate the Flamingo Grill?

Yes. Ten years after opening Cagney’s the two Dinos opened an art deco work of art in Myrtle Beach called Flamingo Grill. That’s their only other restaurant. Same great staff. Same great Cagney prime rib, steaks, lobster, highlighted with the beach’s best selection of uptown seafood and Italian specialties. You’ll absolutely enjoy both restaurants.