Dear Friends
Thank you for helping to make our 10th anniversary a night to remember.
Your patience and efforts truly were beyond the call of duty. The service and meal were great. The atmosphere was romantic and everyone involved was terrific. Our visit was beyond expectations.
Special thanks to manager Danny and our waiter Joe. Joe’s service was remarkable and his timing was excellent. We look forward to dining with you many times in the future.

Rick & Lori Walls.,

Very sad to hear of the closing. It was a family tradition when I was a kid to eat at Cagney’s every vacation to Myrtle since you first opened. I carried this tradtion on with my family. A true loss :(


Steven Frush, Elkridge, MD

I’ll miss Cagney’s because it oozes history. You could write a book filled with stories on the origin and history of all the artifacts in that place. Cagney’s to me is a museum with mighty tasty vittles. For so many patrons it’s going to feel like the loss of a loved one.

Banana Jack Murphey, Myrtle Beach

To Dino Thompson:
I would like to compliment you on your resturants. Going to Cagney’s has always been the highlight of my vacation. I get the 10-oz filet, my dad gets the NY Strip and my mom gets the Prime Rib. I believe I’ve met you before on a previous visit when you were walking around making sure everyone was attended to.

Andrew Selzer, Myrtle Beach

It was wonderful for us to be at Cagney’s one last time. We will always have the best memories of fun times and great food at a very unique restaurant at the beach! Every visit to the beach included a visit to Cagney’s. Even our 3 children, who are now grown, were sadden by the news of your closing. Cagney’s was a tradition that was passed from one generation to the next in our family. My parents always enjoyed their visits with you, Dino, as much as they enjoyed the food. They very much appreciated your friendship also. So thank you for having the dream of a restaurant called Cagney’s, and sharing that dream with us by opening those doors so many years ago. We will truly miss it. And we will look forward to making new memories at the Flamingo Grill.

Carolanne Wells
Florence, SC

Carolanne Wells, Florence, Sc

Been going to Cagney’s since the very beginning. We took our oldest son when he was a baby. Now we take our 18 month old grandson. It’s been a great run for you guys and I hope there are no regrets on your parts. Glad you’ll still be around and active at Flamingo. I have but one request. PLEASE put Flounder Cagney on the menu there. For me, at least, it’s been your signature entree ‘til this very day.It’s a true original. See you this weekend.

See you at Flamingo Grill. And yes, we did add Flounder Cagney to the menu!.

Butch Pindell, Rocky Mount, NC

Hey Dino,

While I am saddened by the news, I am grateful I was able to be a part of an amazing run. These were some of my fondest memories of my youth. A lot of the success I am experiencing today can be traced back to the wonderful experiences I had working at Cagney’s and Flamingo Grill. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized what an impact your leadership and this experience had on me. It taught me the values of responsibility, hard work and team work. At the same time, it taught me that you can work hard and have fun doing it. You may not realize this, but the impact you had on my life was exponential. You see, I did not really have a father figure to show me appreciation and encouragement. You always gave me positive feedback and made me feel like you were proud of me and you encouraged me. This gave me the confidence to go to college and do well. It helped me understand the value of putting in a good days work for a good days pay, everyday. Additionally, you taught me to appreciate some of the finer things in life, like gourmet food and proper etiquette and service. I still think about you every time some young server sticks their armpit in my face to set a plate down or pick one up. I feel like telling them to give you a call for some training on proper serving.

Dino, you will always have a special place in my heart. When will be the final night for Cagney’s? Just tag me back and I will do my very best to make it. I look forward to seeing you soon. Please tell Susan and Dino Drosis I said “Hello”

Rodney Spivey, Pfizer Institutional Sales

Wow. I don’t really have the words to describe how I feel since reading the news. Hell of a run! You two can be truly proud of all the good that came out of that old place. I have some of my fondest memories tied up in Cagney’s, impervious to time and the elements and what not. I’m sure you are getting these types of emails from anyone that ever crossed the threshold. The place is a goddamned landmark, and you two, the breath behind it all. All I can say is… Thank you.

Michael Cavett, Tucson, Ariz

Dino and Dino;
I want you both to know how much I enjoyed working for you both and the awesome staff and managers at Cagney’s! Being part of your team helped frame who I am today. Thank for the opportunity, the lessons and the memories.
My husband and I will come by for a visit before your last day.
Thank you.
Stacey Andrews Bowers

Stacey Andrews Bowers, MB

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Cagney’s family! Some of my most cherished times were enjoying the opportunity to be a part of the Dino(s) team! You two have made a material difference in my life teaching me a better work ethic, the importance of quality, commitment to service, positive attitude and most importantly a wonderful friendship! J.

M.J Huggins III, Myrtle Beach

This is a heartfelt message. I am sorry to see Cagney’s closing. It is like an institution and somewhat historical. I am sure there are many, many people that could tell stories about the good times they have had here. I wish you the very best and hope to see you before the doors close. I certainly will see you at Flamingo.

Jane Bohannon
Century 21 Boling & Associates

Jane Bohannon, MB

Oh Dino…

I have loved Cagney’s all these yrs…when I was married and living in Greensboro, my husband and I came every time we were at the beach to eat at Cagney’s and dance !!!!!
You and your fabulous staff and made lots of folks happy.
Thank you for the memories!

Kay Maddox, NMB


I only had the pleasure ( and it was a REAL pleasure!) of dining at the fabulous CAGNEY only a few times and I am so sorry that on my visits to Myrtle Beach I will never have that opportunity again! I absolutely loved the ambience, the friendly, courteous service and the fantastic food, all of which were the very best that I had ever experienced in any restaurant!
Dino, I know that with you there now full time, I will very soon feel the same way about THE FLAMINGO GRILL!

Eddie Ray, NC Music Hall of Fame

We’re visiting MB, it’s been about 18-19 yrs since we were last here. We loved Cagneys then, so we can’t leave Sat. without having dinner there tonight. My husband and I can’t wait. It holds good memories for us as it does for so many other people. We thank you!

Janet & Ed Gross, Bethlehem,Pa

A great time was had by all at Cagney’s Old Place and we won’t forget the kindess and hospitality that was outstanding.. We certainly will miss all of you….

Lorelei and Doc Butz, Myrtle Beach, SWC

Saw the news the other day that Cagney’s will close the doors in October. As a former employee in the late nineties, the news hit me with both sadness and a touch of nostalgia. By working there, I have forged friendships with some of best people I have ever known. People that remain the closest of friends, even though we are a great distance apart. We worked hard while we were there, but we laughed even harder. It’s the times when it was at it’s busiest that I will remember the most. Blazing hot summer nights when the service bar drink ticket machine was spitting drink orders faster than you could make em. Truly “in the weeds!” Truly crazy sometimes, but a ton of fun! Hat’s off the the Dino’s and Danny and Michelle, and the rest of the staff for making a guy feel welcome back then. You can close the doors but you can’t take away the memories. I’ll greatly miss stopping in when we come back down to the beach.

Eric Rhoads, Downingtown, PA

Cagney’s has been my most favorite restaurant in the world since my friends Al (Tennie) & Cookie took me there years ago as a special treat. I now call it my birthday place to all my friends. Every year they don’t ask, they just all know to go to Cagney’s on my birthday, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.
Today I am really, really sad…I heard on the news this morning…in October, Cagney’s will close forever. I am going to miss it sooooo much!!!

Susan Harrell, Little River, SC

Just left my second time eating there. had a side of beef loved it! My friend and I had a challenge who could eat it all, we bothed finished. love every thing about the place. will definatly eat there again.i got to talk to the man himself Dino. after eating it and got a fist pound. great place.

tracy maloney, holly ridge NC

The she crab soup was great. The meal was as always above normal standards. But the crepes were excellent had them both. Dino thanks for talking to me and my family. My two boys said when we left they cant wait to eat there again. Another chapter of the Cagneys legacy will continue. Many Thanks and May God keep blessing you and yours.Will see you soon!

Arnold Maloney, Holly Ridge N.C

We had a great time as usual at Cagney’s and everybody’s food was delicious.
Your prime rib is still the best I’ve ever had!
Carlos and Terry Smith

Carlos and Terry Smith,

Been going to Cagneys since 1977. My mother loved the Flounder Cagney. Always eat there at least two to three times a year.Starting a new generation from my sons.
Dino and Dino have always been down home and Cagneys always welcomes you with open arms. The memories will last a lifetime.

Arnold Maloney, Holly Ridge, NC

My husband and I come to Myrtle Beach every year, the first week of August for the past 20 years. Each year we visit Cagney’ husbands’s favorite place to eat. We enjoy the dancing room from time to time, when we don’t care about the looks we get. But all in all, it doesn’t matter. The food is great, the staff is friendly and by being black and dining at Cagney’s..we always get weird looks. We still keep coming…LOL

Wilbert and Thomasina Whitley, Raleigh, NC

This was our 1st time eating at Cagneys or Flamingo Seafood Grill. Truly a 5-star experience. Our waiter Patrick was great. The food fantastic and we really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Lois Allmond, Denver, NC

Skip the latest fad Myrtle Beach restaurants and head for a Myrtle Beach restaurant tradition. Excellent service. coupled with an outstanding array of seafood and steaks. Highly recommend!!

Alan & Beth Evans,

Great food and wonderful service! Love the decor.

Joseph & Cheryl Deutfil,

Through the years since it all began (and I was lucky enough to be there at the beginning) I’ve laughed so many times at both restaurants I couldn’t begin to count ‘em all, and the record number of ‘to-go’ Flounder Cagneys and Steak Cagneys has got to belong to me; Old Bridge Road was just up the road. It was impossible not to stop at Cagney’s on the way home. As different as they ‘feel’ the Flamingo Grill and Cagney’s Old Place share what no other two Myrtle Beach restaurants can offer … and I think we must have every kind of restaurant in America around here now. Owners who REALLY care about you, remember you, appreciate you and treat you well … year after year and now decade after decade, every day. The food has always been the very best, and many of the same people who still provide such outstanding service today have themselves been ‘fixtures’ for years. That doesn’t just happen, in fact it almost never happens, somebody had to make it work. Dino, Dino … you’ve always made it look easy – but I know it wasn’t. You are this beach’s best ambassadors, you set the standard from the first day you opened that brass door and you’ve always done it with style. The ‘best at the beach’ for 35-years! Wow. But no wonder it took you eight years to find financing (and the good luck to have a spy at Coastal Federal to let you know George Cooper had loaned money to open a Weenie King downtown) … you guys were hardly old enough to even borrow money! Well, you showed ‘em. Few people have affected so many people is such a positive way for so long a time as you two; ain’t no doubt that Tony and Poppa D are proud of you both. Ain’t no ‘cruise’ and ain’t no ‘quit’ in either one of you. Your restaurants are simply the best Myrtle Beach has to offer, period … ask ANY ‘local’.

Tom Davis, N. Litchfield Beach

First time I went was with my husband Phil Kirkman, Cagneys was home. It was a beautiful, wonderful setting and soothing relaxing atmosphere. Phil knew exactly what he wanted. She crab soup and his favorite prime rib. I also ordered she crab soup, wonderful, perfect no words to discribe it. I was hooked. We come back for our anniversery, my birthday and anytime we can afford it. Phil’s parents loved it and Phil says when we’re there he can still hear their voices. Thank you and God Bless for creating something so priceless for someone so important to me!! Hey Dino thanks for making Phil feel like family when we come!!!

rebecca, myrtle beach

EVERYTIME the wife and I visit Myrtle Beach we make a special point to eat a Cagney’s. The food is excellent and the service is second to none. Where else can you go to a fabulous restaurant and both Dino’s come by to welcome you back. We love Cagney’s and will always be a devoted customer. Thanks guyz for making this possible….

George & Judy Grubbs, Hampstead, NC

We ate there, we were down there for a baseball tournament great food great service and felt very welcome for such a big party

Rusty, Connecticut

We ate at Cagney’s while on vacation last week on the advise of a co-worker Larry Horton. He was right! Cagney’s food and service are second to no other Myrtle Beach restaurants. Thanks Larry.

Brenda McGregor, Huntersville Lake Norman NC

This is our 20th year and Cagney’s never changes.
Still terrific after all these years. Where do you find all these nice people?

Alice Dorman, Charlotte, NC

Can’t wait to eat at Cagney’s again. I have been coming to your place since I was little and on vacation with my parents. Now, I bring my family to your wonderful restaurant. It is always a highlight of our vacation.

Gretchen Carpenter, Montoursville, PA

For 12 years every time we visit Kingston Plantation, you’ve become our favorite Myrtle Beach restaurant. My mom is visiting and I want to recommend her to your restaurant. Please send me a brochure.

Kristin Hetman, Centreville, VA

My husband & I had our first meal together at Cagney’s on our Honeymoon on August 12, 1978. We were married in McBee, SC earlier that day and the waitor took a picture of us in the restaurant. Great memory and we now have been married 31 years!

Elizabeth Sowell, Clover, SC

It was 29 years ago at Cagney’s when I first had contact with my wife. Several guys from our Country Club in Lima, Ohio, would make our sojourn to the beach to play golf in the day and party at night. Traditionally, on Saturday night of our stay, we’d go to Cagney’s and hang out at the bar until our table was ready.

On this particular visit, I’d arranged a date with someone I had met at the pool earlier in the day and invited her to dinner with me. While standing in line at the bar to get a drink, I turned and saw the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. We talked while we waited our turn at the bar. She was there with two of her girlfriends from Lenoir, NC. I knew instantly, I wanted to know her better. When I asked her to join me for dinner the next night (Sunday), I was informed they were leaving the next afternoon to return home. I proceeded to introduce her to a couple of my friends and she in turn introduced her friends to us. One of my buddies and one of hers had an instant attraction to one another. Through their efforts to stay in touch over the next year, the two of us would stay in touch. When we went back the following spring, the girls joined us and it was then I decided I really liked this lady. She was 34 years old and never been married. I was in the final throws of a divorce. When I asked her why she had never married, she said” I’ve never met anyone I would want to spend the rest of my life with”. To that I inquired: “ Does that leave any room for me?” and she replied:“Possibly”. The rest is history. We just celebrated our 27th anniversary and a happier loving couple could never be.

Art Scurlock, Blowing Rock, NC

My husband and I visit your wonderful restaurant every year. We always have a delicious meal and love to unwind and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Many thanks for making every Myrtle Beach vacation memorable!

Laurel, Princeton, New Jersey

We were in your establishment over the weekend and had a wonderful experience with Nate. He upsold your blackened prime rib, dressings, drinks and we loved it all. Please let him know the next time we are in SC we will be dining at Cagneys because of him. Best regards.

Cindy Galbraith, Raleigh, NC

Vacationed in MB last week and had dinner at Cagney’s. We all loved it and will definitely be back next year! My nephew and I had the filet oscar and it was cooked to peerfection! Just wish you had a place in NJ. We would add it to our regular saturday night circuit.

Diane Van Pelt, New Jersey

The food is always great and the staff friendly. Happy hour prices are some of the best. We enjoy a good meal and Cagney’s has never disappointed. The lobster tail is highly recommended!

Kathy, Greenville,SC

On July 15th we had a 25th anniversary party for my sister at Cagney’s. There were 17 of us and we used your private dining room. I contacted Cagney’s and spoke to Danny your manager. After my first phone call I was at ease. Being in the restaurant business for 30 years, I knew he would take care of everything. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with and very accomodating.

He set the room up beautiful and made sure everything was perfect. The servers were fabulous and should be commended. They couldn’t have been more attentive. And the food was beyond delicious. We all had lobster tail, and steak oscar. We are still talking about how fabulous the food, drink, service and atmosphere were that evening. Rest assured Cagney’s will be a must when we return to Myrtle Beach next year. Please give thanks to Danny and his staff for making a wonderful memory for us. Managers that good are hard to find, so take good care of him.

Diane Marsh, Schenectady, NY

We have eaten at Cagney’s for years. I love the prime rib and that is what I order every time. This year will be an extra special mother in law has been cancer free for 1 year now after her surgery! We will be celebrating this fact at Cagney’s in a few weeks. We love this place so much. A big thanks to the owner’s and staff. You all do a great job.

J. Hill, Lexington NC

Always the first and last stop on our Myrtle Beach vacation.
Still wonderful!

Sally & Allen Rosen, Raleigh, NC

I dined at Cagney’s for the first time when I was a teen with my family. We all enjoyed it so much. My mother especially liked it. Every time I go to Myrtle Beach now, I look forward to dining again at Cagney’s. Although our daughter wont be with us this time because of her college schedule, my husband and I are coming on Saturday for a Valentine’s Day dinner. No matter how many times I eat at Cagney’s, I always remember the good times there with my family as a teen. Cagney’s memories give me comfort as I eat great food at a place my mother loved…somehow its like she’s with me once again.

Rebecca Bradshaw, Greenville, SC

My boyfriend took us to Cagney’s last year and we loved it! I have asked to go back for V-Day weekend this year.. I have my fingers crossed. You all were great. The food was awesome.

Tara Williams, Charleston,SC

i go there every year around bike week the food is very wonderful i’m actually going to eat there on my wedding date april 12th of this year 2008 i am very satisfied of the service i get with cagneys’.

amanda, asheboro ,nc

As a Marylander I appreciate and crave restaurants passionately in love with seafood! My recent visit to Myrtle Beach and my dinner at Cagney’s Old Place was fantastic. The Baked Seafood Casserole was absolutely delectable! As we returned home on I-95 North I gently suggested, “When are we returning to Myrtle Beach for more golf and Cagney’s?” He took the bait… see you soon.

Maria D. Russell, Maryland

We went to Cagney’s on Labor Day weekend 2007. The food was awesomely delicious. The atmosphere was jazzy. I loved the music! The service was great. It was a very memorable and romantic weekend for us.

Keala Brown, Columbia SC

Cagney’s has been my wife’s favorite restaurant at the beach for years so we try to visit just about every time we are in the area. I have always enjoyed the food but I have to say that for the last several times we have visited it has been better than ever. I especially enjoy the sweet vinaigrette dressing you serve and I only wish it was available in retail stores or a recipe was available. I do have to add that in addition to our meal being great as usual, to top off the night our server, Stephanie, not only provided great service but she also chased us down in the parking lot to return my credit card that I had left in at the table. Obviously, she is very good at her job.

Ed Watson, Charlotte, NC

In 3 years of visiting Myrtle Beach I wanted to compliment your restaurant as being the best meal with the best service (Stormii was our server) I have had yet. Thank you. I plan to recommend your restaurant to all my friends and will return.

Tara Poremba, Chicago, IL

Your restaurants, Cagney’s and Flamingo Grill, are outstanding outfits with plenty of attention to detail. Flamingo Grill may be the Grand Strand’s best all-around restaurant. The prime rib, lobster, it’s among the best on the strand. The atmosphere is great in both restaurants, and after two-dozen trips spanning both places over the last 10 years, I can honestly say we have never had a bad encounter with service. It’s a high expectation and standard every time my family and I dine at Cagneys and Flamingo Grill, and each time you and your staff have delivered. Watching Beach TV and learning about your restaurants ten years ago was no doubt a good move. Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors, and we’ll see you again at least twice a year when we drive down from the upstate. God Bless!

Cris Ard, Clemson, South Carolina

We have been visiting North Myrtle Beach since 1989 and unfortunately did not discover your wonderful restaurant until September of 2006. We had our parents with us and wanted to take them somewhere special. We played golf at waterway Hills and noticed Cagney’s and checked it out, and what a treasure we found. You can bet it will be an annual stop for us from now on, and highly recommended to everyone we know visiting the beach.

Tom & Karen Fries, Monroeville(Pittsburgh), Pa

We were in town last Saturday night and as always have at least one meal with you guys and it was great as usual. We have been visiting Cagney’s over the past twenty years, and its our favorite restaurant of all (not only at the beach but everywhere). We usually make it down about four or five times a year and it is our opinion that nothing comes close to what you guys have. A couple of years ago while down for week we ate with you three times in the same week. Every chance we get we encourage everyone to visit and enjoy. A trip to Myrtle Beach without going to Cagney’s is like not seeing the beach or the ocean, you might as well just stay home. Thank you so much. Hope to see you soon.

Larry & Jan Horton, Cornelius, Lake Norman NC

Dinner was great, but when we ate the dessert it was unbelievable. Suzy’s Awesome Fudge Pie is the BEST desert I have ever has in my entire life. That is my favorite memory about Myrtle Beach.

Abby Smith, Dallas, Texas

We came to Myrtle Beach with our families on Feb. 17th, 2006 to have our wedding and found Cagney’s to eat dinner after the wedding. It was and incredible dinner. I fell in love with the she crab soup and crab cakes. thank you for making my wedding dinner one that I will never forget. Your staff treated us like family.

Jennifer & Chris Bonney, Waveland, Mississippi

26 years have so quickly been passed when on Feb. 1980 we visited Myrtle Beach. We are glad to read from your site that Cagney’s is not only still going strong successfully but also continues offering excellent food, hospitality, smile and… humor. We remember with nostalgia every moment for almost 15 nights, when dining with Tony, Angie, Dino and Suzan. Regards to the fantastic Cagney’s Team

Fivos & Antigoni, Cyprus

After dining at the Flamingo Grill for the last 8 years (we always visit over the Superbowl weekend) my group were pleased to find Cagney’s open on our last night. Excellent food and service even on the 1st night of opening, only hope it will be open early Feb 06.

Kevin, London, England

Cagney’s is my favorite restaurant in Myrtle Beach. I’ve lived here my entire life and it’s hard to beat the delicious food from Cagney’s and Flamingo Grill. My favorite is the Flounder Cagney “cajun.” It’s delicious! Most importantly, the staff is very friendly and works very efficiently for a fabulous overall dining experience.

Lane, Myrtle Beach

Love it!

Leonnie, Myrtle Beach

The best Prime Rib on the planet!

Dave Meckley, Atlanta, Georgia

We ate at Cagneys this past summer on our family vacation. It was an incredible dinner, but our waiter made the evening just right. Many thanks to Rob our server. His service is the best we’ve ever had. Not only did he make us feel at home but he’s from our home town which gave us alot to talk about. Thank you Cagney’s and thanks again Rob. See you next year.

The Johnson family, New Haven , CT

We first ate at Cagney’s 3 years ago and have been hooked since. Not only
is the food excellent but the service is exceptional as well. We’ll be down
on vacation next week and we look forward to visiting you yet again. We are
thinking about visiting the Flamingo Grill as well. Thanks for your

Steve Alligood, Albemarle, NC

Whenever friends are in town Cagney’s is where we take them!

Jeanette McGough, Hagerstown, Maryland

We met the two owners the first time we ate there. We’ve been eating there since 1985 and have never been there without seeing one of the Dinos. It’s always consistent, always pleasant. We love seeing the same faces over and over.

John and Anita Wiggins, Toronto, Canada

My husband and I met in Cagney’s in 1983. A year later he took me back and asked me to marry him. We eat there every anniversary. Still terrific.

Mr & Mrs Gary Montague, Atlanta, Georgia

We watched Cagney’s being built. It’s been our favorite restaurant since 1976.

Delores and Charles Blondin, Roanoke, Virginia

Cagney’s has been a vacation tradition for 20 years. Our first stop and our last stop. We always know what we want without looking at the menu. Flounder Cagney for me, Prime Rib for my husband. We’ve never been disappointed.

Vera Player, Greensboro, North Carolina

Dear Cagney’s staff
Thanks for providing such a beautiful restaurant… with such good food! We love to take our guests to Cagney’s because they always have a great time. you can’t help yourself in such gorgeous and fun surroundings. In over 20 years we have never been disappointed… in the food, service, atmosphere or the good time!

Ruthie Kearns, Myrtle Beach

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for making our tenth anniversary a night to remember. Your patience and efforts were truly beyond the call of duty. The service and the meal were great. Our visit to your establishment was beyond our expectations. The atmosphere was very romantic and everyone involved did an outstanding job. Special thanks to Joe our waiter. Joe’s service was remarkable and his timing was excellent. We look forward to dining with your many times in the future.

Rick and Lori Walls, Myrtle Beach

Dear Dino T. and Dino D.,

After yet another wonderful dinner at Flamingo recently I felt the need to sit down and write you two a thank you letter.

Thank you for opening Cagney’s Old Place in 1976 and Flamingo Grill in 1985, because you created not only two superb restaurants but also created countless memories that Al and I shall cherish for the duration.

Al and I have spent every special occasion and “no need for a special occasion” at either one or the other restaurant since they opened. And each time we have taken pleasure in the most delightful and well-prepared food that anyone’s palate would crave. If that isn’t enough, the staffs at both restaurants have always gone out of their way to be courteous and accommodating. We consider many of the employees as friends because we have known them so long for the fact that they have stayed with you through all these many years.

Al and I are ever indebted to you both for providing us with great memories to carry with us into the years ahead and for future memories that we have yet to experience.”

Dino T., we love your book Greek Boy and want to know when the movie will be out…

Lisa Coates, Myrtle Beach